A new blog

As many of you have noticed the heraldry editor has be out of commission quite some time now. What was supposed to be a swift transition to a new server took much more time then we thought to clean up the site for it to work with code from this decade. The site was created quite a long time ago and code requirements have changed quite a bit since then and the transition wasn't as easy as we had thought. But rest assured we are working on the site to get it up and running again, however this all is done in our free time, and nowadays it seems to be in short supply. We do appreciate all the nice feedback we have gotten for the site and we appologize that you have had this service interruption and inconveniance.

So while we wait for the actual site to finish i decided to put up this blog to keep you updated on whats happening, and i implemented a commenting system from disqus. I haven't tried this system before so we will have to see if it works as intended. If you run into any obvious bugs while browsing or commenting, you can let us know at info@uplink.fi And if you have any feedback or comments, you can try this new system out and leave your mark.